What is a ‘Nuisanced’ Property?

Nov 2023Quarterly Newsletter

Before the Land Bank can submit a jurisdiction’s property for consideration under the state’s demolition program, legal requirements must be met to ensure there’s no infringement on the property owner’s rights.

Although each community adopts its own process for declaring a property a nuisance, or follows the Ohio Revised Code’s process, the legal mechanisms are similar. The process is triggered when a designated local official, often a fire chief, declares an abandoned, dilapidated property – one with broken windows, holes in the roof, missing doors and the like – a safety hazard.

After a title search, the property owner and/or their heirs are notified about the nuisance declaration and offered the opportunity to make repairs to bring the property back to code. If the owner doesn’t pursue this option, the property is “nuisanced,” which means it can be legally accessed for measures to alleviate the safety hazard.

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