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All You Need to Get Started with the Land Bank

Ready to launch your real estate opportunity with the Land Bank? From this page, you can access the key resources and tools to get you on your way.

Listings of Foreclosed and Other Properties

Find a distressed property to buy, rehab and reuse through the Land Bank's DIY Renovation Program.

Forms for Citizens and Investors

Download the forms and instructions to start you on your way to using Land Bank programs. You’ll find instructions and requirements for the DIY Renovation, Foreclosure Acquisition, Donation and Commercial Redevelopment programs.

Forms for Local Governments

Ready to begin using Land Bank programs and tools available to your local government? This is where you can download the forms and detailed instructions to get the process started for the Community Residential Rehab Loan, Planning Grant, Foreclosure Acquisition, DIY Renovation and Land Banking programs.


Find answers to all the questions you might have about the Land Bank’s programs, tools, background and governance.

Tax-Delinquent Properties

Which properties in Montgomery County (outside the city of Dayton) are tax-delinquent and candidates for the Land Bank’s Foreclosure Acquisition Program?

Reports & Audits

The Land Bank develops and makes available its reports to the public in this section of the web site.

Agendas & Minutes

Take a look at our meeting agendas and minutes to learn about the decisions made by the Land Bank Board of Trustees.