Renovation Inspiration


1733 E Fourth St Front before 1733 E Fourth St Front after
19 Camden Ave Front before 19 Camden Ave Front after
1933 Liitchfield Front before 1933 Liitchfield Front after


969 Manhattan DR Before 969 Manhattan DR After
1933 Litchfield LR Before 1933 Litchfield LR After
2381 Rustic Rd Basement Before 2381 Rustic Rd Basement After


78 Redder Kitchen before 78 Redder Kitchen after
810 Oak Leaf Kitchen before 810 Oak Leaf Kitchen after
54 Horace Kitchen Before 54 Horace Kitchen After
4044 Klepinger Rd Kitchen Before 4044 Klepinger Rd Kitchen After


4189 Brunswick Bathroom before 4189 Brunswick Bathroom after
1793 Vancouver Bathroom Before 1793 Vancouver Bathroom After
5207 Seaman Bathroom Before 5207 Seaman Bathroom After
509 Brandt Bathroom Before 509 Brandt Bathroom After

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