Planning Grant

Support for Redevelopment Planning

The Montgomery County Land Bank’s Planning Grant Program was developed to support and encourage Land Bank MOU communities to undertake strategic planning efforts. The grants provide the community financial support on a 25% matching basis to enable communities to acquire the technical resources and staff capacity to develop the plan.

The plan is intended to help communities focus on goals and objectives, and develop implementation strategies to fulfill their vision. The plan must contain as a primary element issues and strategies to deal with neighborhood stabilization, redevelopment and blight elimination. It is not intended for greenfield planning.

Eligible participants

To be eligible the community must have a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Land Bank.

Eligible plans

Plans may address issues involving land use, transportation, marketing, recreation, housing or any other community or economic development areas that challenge the planning area. The plan may also be used to address any geographic area (i.e. the area may be the entire community or a single block). The plan may also be focused upon any market (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) that is a challenge to the community and threatens to cause blight.

General terms / Uses

  • Maximum grant (reimbursable) of $50,000 with a 25% community match
  • Participant administers the project
  • Completion with one year of approval by Land Bank Board of Directors
  • Request for proposal and basis for contractor selection to be provided to the Land Bank prior to contract award
  • Reimbursable with documentation provided to the Land bank

Ineligible funds uses

  • Participant’s staff or services in support of the project

Approval process

The grant program is funded annually by the Montgomery County Land Bank, and applications can be made at any time during the year. If all funds are committed during the year, the applicant will be notified and placed in a queue for the following year, should additional funds be allocated. The Land Bank reserves the right to increase or decrease the funds made for this program, and to approve, deny or modify the amount of funding available to any recipient.


The award of the grant is subject to the terms and conditions of the grant agreement, which is available upon request.

Please visit the form page to complete the application.

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