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Planning Grant

Supporting Local Governments with Funds for Redevelopment Planning

The Land Bank provides grants to help Montgomery County cities, villages, and townships create a vision for the future. Planning grants of up to $50,000 are available, with a 25 percent local match, to help you pay for professional assistance with the creation of plans and strategies to guide your redevelopment efforts.

The purpose of the planning grant is to help your jurisdiction thoroughly explore and consider community characteristics, market forces and political realities that impact redevelopment. The process will help your legislative body make decisions about goals, objectives, and priorities for the future of the planning area. The resulting strategic analysis and goal-setting exercise are invaluable for your community to maximize the potential impact of Land Bank programs to eliminate blight, stabilize property values and revitalize neighborhoods.

How can my jurisdiction obtain a Land Bank Planning Grant?

Any jurisdiction that has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Montgomery County Land Bank may apply for this grant. You will have to show sufficient organizational capacity to manage the project. The Land Bank must also have the opportunity to approve your selection of a professional planning firm. The process and final planning document must be completed within one year of the grant’s approval by the Land Bank.

The likely deliverables generated by the process will include

  • The results of a SWOT analysis
  • Short- and long-term strategies related to market opportunities and existing programs that can be leveraged
  • Land-use concept plans
  • Renderings showing physical improvements
  • Policy guidelines in areas such as zoning to align future actions with the jurisdiction’s articulated goals and objectives
  • Statement of investment policies

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