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Land Banking

Advancing Community Redevelopment with Land Banking

If you represent an Ohio local government or a not-for-profit community development corporation, you may ask, “What is land banking?”

Our Land Banking Program allows Montgomery County cities, villages and townships to strategically “bank” residential, commercial and industrial properties that have been identified in a local development plan or similar effort. Under this fee-based program, the Land Bank can acquire, maintain and dispose of the property – or assemblage of properties – on behalf of your jurisdiction or not-for-profit corporation.

The Land Banking Program gives your jurisdiction the opportunity to strategically assemble properties for future redevelopment and rely on the Land Bank to hold them – tax free – while your community finalizes its development plan and financing strategy. The primary benefit to your jurisdiction rests in the efficiency of dealing with one regional resource organization for

  • Property acquisition
  • Property maintenance, and
  • Disposition activities

To Participate in Land Banking...

To qualify for the program, your jurisdiction must have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Land Bank. We will create a standard Land Banking Agreement with you to establish business terms such as roles, service levels, associated costs and fees. Want to learn more? Contact us to find out how your community can take advantage of the Land Banking Program.  Get started by downloading the Land Banking Program application forms.