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Property Demolition

Improving Neighborhoods by Demolishing Nuisance Properties

The Montgomery County Land Bank has successfully competed for federal and state demolition funds to demolish abandoned, run-down residential structures, providing communities with the opportunity to eliminate blight in target areas.


Since 2014 the Land Bank has demolished over 1100 properties throughout the county. Eliminating deteriorating properties is the first step toward creating an opportunity for the neighborhood to rebound from years of disinvestment while also improving the neighborhood‘s safety, security and quality of life.

Interested in acquiring a vacant lot?

Following demolition the Land Bank often retains ownership of the remaining vacant lot and makes these lots available for purchase.  Qualified purchasers can contact the Land Bank to learn the cost of the lots and how acquisition can occur or go to the program description for more information. 


If the Land Bank is not currently the owner of a vacant lot of interest, the lot may be able to be acquired through the Land Bank using other acquisition methods, such as our Tax Foreclosure Acquisition Program (TFAP).  Please visit the Tax Foreclosure Acquisition Program section of our website.