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Property Demolition

Improving Neighborhoods by Demolishing Nuisance Properties

The Land Bank has made it possible for Montgomery County communities to eliminate the negative impacts of abandoned, run-down residential structures through federal and state demolition grant programs. This strategy has its greatest impact when concentrated in a target area and coupled with our renovation programs. It then can serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of an entire neighborhood.

Community Land Bank the Conduit for State Demolition Funds

The Montgomery County Land Bank has successfully competed for major Ohio grant programs that aim to demolish blighting structures. When we receive an announcement about a qualifying program, we invite all Montgomery County local governments to participate in the application process. We coordinate the gathering of information, as well as the development and submission of the grant proposal. We also determine how to manage the demolition program and fulfill reporting requirements, based on best management practices and the grant requirements.

Hundreds of blighted units in Montgomery County have been removed through these programs – many times to the cheers of neighbors. This allows participating communities to arrest deterioration that can spiral out of control and lead to long-term disinvestment. In the process, they improve the neighborhood’s safety, security and quality of life.

How can your community participate? Contact us to learn more about demolition programs provided through state and federal funding.