Commercial Redevelopment Program

Providing Investment Opportunities in Commercial Markets

The Land Bank provides local governments opportunities to assist authorized investors or developers to rehab distressed commercial and industrial properties for occupancy or sale. The Land Bank’s goal is to return these troubled properties to productive reuse for retail, office, industrial or other business purposes.

Has an investor or developer contacted your economic development or community planning department about a distressed property they would like to renovate? And does your team support the developer/investor and their plans for the property? Is the property tax-delinquent? If the answers to these questions are “yes,” the Land Bank may be able to help.

Contact the Land Bank about the research and analysis on the property and user that we can provide. Together we may be able to say “goodbye” to that blighted building and “hello” to business asset!



While the Montgomery County Land Bank staff continues to provide full time customer service to our customers,

IN PERSON MEETINGS with members of the Land Bank staff REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT.