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Commercial Redevelopment Program

Providing Investment Opportunities in Commercial Markets

Outstanding real estate opportunities are available to investors who want to rehab distressed commercial and industrial properties for occupancy or sale. The Land Bank’s goal is to return these troubled properties to productive reuse for retail, office, industrial or other business purposes.

You can propose a tax-delinquent property to the Land Bank for the Commercial Redevelopment Program. After we receive your application and administrative fee payment, we’ll conduct a preliminary evaluation to determine if a foreclosure appears feasible. After completing this analysis, we’ll initiate due diligence on the proposed use, user and the project’s financial feasibility.

The Land Bank requires a negotiated set of terms and conditions in an executed agreement prior to initiating the foreclosure process and sale.

Finding a List of Foreclosures for Commercial Properties through the Land Bank

Although there is no ongoing list of foreclosures for commercial and industrial properties, potential candidates can be found on the Montgomery County Treasurer’s website

To qualify for the Commercial Redevelopment Program, you must

  • Have a clean record as a responsible property owner
  • Create a redevelopment plan for the property
  • Demonstrate the financial capacity to implement the plan
  • Pay a program fee of $2,000

Interested in learning more? Contact us to explore your investment opportunities through the Land Bank’s Commercial Redevelopment Program.  Get started by downloading the Commercial Redevelopment Application and Affidavit forms.