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Solutions for Distressed Properties

DIY Renovation

Citizens and Investors, Local Governments

Interested in rehabbing a distressed property? We make it easy for citizens and investors to buy vacant and abandoned foreclosed homes that still have reuse potential. View our property listings to see what’s available. Local governments, promote DIY Renovation in your community as a viable investment option for foreclosure properties that also supports neighborhood revitalization.

Foreclosure Acquisition

Citizens and Investors, Local Governments

Have your eye on a vacant lot or tax-delinquent property? Citizens and investors can acquire these properties to rehab and reuse for a side lot, home expansion or new construction. View the properties available on the Land Bank’s property listing for Montgomery County. Local governments can use the program in conjunction with demolitions to strategically target their efforts to revitalize neighborhoods.

Property Donation

Citizens and Investors, Local Governments

Facing real estate problems? In some cases, the Land Bank may be able to accept donated property with reuse potential to make it available to another citizen or investor for rehab and reuse. The main donor benefits are relief from tax liability and ongoing maintenance costs. In cases when the property is not tax delinquent, there may be tax advantages. Local governments can promote the program to citizens to help reduce the number of foreclosures and vacancies.

Commercial Redevelopment


Interested in renovating a commercial or industrial property? You can work toward your financial and real estate goals by transforming an eyesore into a marketable retail, office or industrial property to sell or occupy. The Land Bank’s Commercial Redevelopment Program makes available troubled properties to investors by initiating foreclosure on tax-delinquent properties.

Community Residential Rehab Loans

Local Governments

Want to jump start neighborhood revitalization? Land Bank rehab loans are available exclusively to local governments to renovate distressed single-family homes in strategically targeted neighborhoods. We help cities, villages and townships in the Dayton region transform these properties, creating true gems that spark renewed interest in investment and revitalization throughout entire neighborhoods.

Planning Grant

Local Governments

Need a roadmap for redeveloping a strategic area of your community? Montgomery County cities, villages and townships may apply for a Land Bank planning grant of up to $50,000, with a 25 percent local match. Our goal is to help your community pay for professional assistance in creating plans and strategies to maximize the potential benefit of Land Bank programs.


Local Governments

Is your local government dealing with abandoned, rundown residential structures? Could you use a helping hand to remove them? Through federal and state demolition grant programs coordinated by the Land Bank, hundreds of blighted units in Dayton and throughout Montgomery County have been removed. Demolition is a tool that helps communities to arrest the deterioration that can spread throughout a neighborhood. This program is subject to the availability of external funds. Please check with Land Bank representatives for availability.

Land Banking

Local Governments

Have redevelopment opportunities that aren’t quite ready yet? Montgomery County’s local governments can use the Land Banking Program to strategically assemble properties for future development. The Land Bank will hold them, tax free, as the community completes a development plan or financing package. Enjoy the efficiency of one resource for property acquisition, maintenance and disposition.