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How Can the Land Bank Help Your Community?

The Montgomery County Land Bank offers a menu of user-friendly programs for local governments, providing solutions for distressed properties and other real estate issues in your community. We help you restore safety, security and vitality to neighborhoods by transforming blighted, foreclosed and abandoned properties into viable, marketable assets and returning them to the tax roll.

We can help you...

Obtain Redevelopment Planning Assistance

Planning Grants

Get financial assistance to create your community’s plan for strategic redevelopment of a target neighborhood.

Address a Distressed Residential Property

DIY Renovation Program

Bring a distressed residential property with reuse potential to our attention, and we may be able to sell it to a citizen or investor for reuse.

Rehab a Residential Property

Community Residential Rehab Loan Program

Get a loan for the rehab of a distressed property in one of your community’s targeted neighborhoods.

Redevelop a Distressed Commercial Property

Commercial Redevelopment Program

Let us initiate a foreclosure process to allow for an investor to turn around a distressed commercial or industrial property.

Secure a Property for Future Development

Land Banking Program

Discover how we can acquire, hold, and maintain a property or group of properties for your jurisdiction while you complete redevelopment plans and financing strategies.

Help a Citizen Donate a Property

Donation Program

Find out how your community’s residents can donate a property to the Land Bank to alleviate the tax burden and maintenance costs.

Demolish a Distressed Property

Demolition Program

Learn how the Land Bank can help your Montgomery County jurisdiction remove blighting properties using state and federal demolition funds.