Montgomery County Land Bank and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Tree Equity Reforestation Program

Contact the Montgomery County Land Bank with questions. Call 937-531-6921, or send an email to

The Tree Equity Reforestation Program (TERP) provides trees to Montgomery County homeowners in qualifying areas.  The focus of the program is to provide trees in urban areas so that everyone can experience the health, climate, and economic benefits. Studies have shown trees can provide benefits listed below:

  • Cool and clean the air
  • Filter out water pollution
  • Reduce flooding
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Increase property values
  • Benefit mental health
  • Lower risk for respiratory illnesses

How do I Apply?

Interested in a tree planted at your home?  Complete the following steps, we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Click the button below to start your application
  2. Review the types of trees and make a selection
  3. Upload a picture and provide a description on where you would like the tree placed
  4. Hit submit and sign waiver and tree care forms

What Happens Next?

Land Bank staff will review your application and perform the following steps:

  1. Perform a site visit and confirm the location and tree type
  2. Confirm approval or discuss recommended changes to tree type and location with applicant
  3. Place a tree order for all approved applicants (2x per year, March and October)
  4. Work with a trained contractor to plant the tree
  5. Provide watering bags and tree care manual
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While the Montgomery County Land Bank staff continues to provide full time customer service to our customers,

IN PERSON MEETINGS with members of the Land Bank staff REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT.