Property Search Worksheet

Contact the Montgomery County Land Bank with questions. Call 937-531-6921, or send an email to

There are several steps to find a potentially eligible property. You can search through an online mapping tool for tax-delinquent properties. Tax-delinquent properties in Montgomery County, outside of the City of Dayton, are marked in the Land Bank’s property search tool,

The City of Dayton has determined that tax-delinquent properties inside the City of Dayton are to be pursued through depositor’s foreclosure with the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office. A property will also need to be deemed as tax-lien eligible, noted on the Treasurer’s website, in order to be eligible.

See the Go Get Properties Tutorial on our website for more details.

While the Montgomery County Land Bank staff continues to provide full time customer service to our customers,

IN PERSON MEETINGS with members of the Land Bank staff REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT.