Citizens & Investors

If you’re a citizen or investor, the Montgomery County Land Bank provides user-friendly programs that make it easy for you to find, acquire, rehab and reuse tax-delinquent properties. You can meet your own financial and real estate goals while helping your community eliminate blight, stabilize property values and revitalize neighborhoods.


Buy a Land Bank Property for Renovation

Learn how you can acquire a Land Bank-owned property from our property listing, bid on it and buy it. You may then rehab the property to sell, lease or live in.

Tax Foreclosure Acquisition Program

Acquire a Tax-Delinquent Property

Learn how you can find and acquire a tax-delinquent property through a tax foreclosure. A tax-delinquent property could be acquired as a side lot, home expansion or new construction, or if it has a structure, rehabbed for sale or lease.

Donation Program

Request to Donate a Property

Learn how you can find relief from your tax burden, maintenance costs and other real estate problems by donating your residential or commercial property to the Land Bank.

As a precaution taken to prevent the spread of covid, we have closed our office, but we will continue to conduct business.