Contact the Montgomery County Land Bank

We welcome your calls and inquiries. Please contact us by phone, email or postal mail.

Montgomery County Land Bank
130 West Second Street, Suite 1425
Dayton, OH 45402

For General Information

Paul Bradley

Executive Director

Phone: (937) 531-6926

Louise Olson

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (937) 531-6921
Fax: (937) 531-6922

Operations, Acquisitions, and Land Banking Program

Susie Crabill

Operations Manager

Phone: (937) 531-7034

Commercial Redevelopment Program and

Environmental Services Program

Paul Bradley

Executive Director

Phone: (937) 531-6926

Heather Wendel

Program Manager

Phone: (937) 425-0342

DIY Renovation Program and Housing Development

Paul Bradley

Executive Director

Phone: (937) 531-6926

Emmy Fabich

Housing Development Program Manager

Demolition Program

Julie Harris

Program Manager

Phone: (937) 425-0340

Community Residential Rehab Loan Program and

Planning Grant Program

Angela Starr

Program Manager and Controller

Phone: (937) 531-7030

Program Assistant

Crystal Thomas

Program Assistant

Phone: (937) 531-6952

ACCOUNTING and Public Records Custodian

Elaine Baldwin

Staff Accountant/Public Records Custodian

Phone: (937) 531-6927
Fax: (937) 531-7031

Senior Advisor

Mike Grauwelman

Senior Advisor

Phone: (937) 531-7035

While the Montgomery County Land Bank staff continues to provide full time customer service to our customers,

IN PERSON MEETINGS with members of the Land Bank staff REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT.