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Our Mission

To reposition distressed real estate to support Montgomery County’s communities in building quality of life and vibrant neighborhoods, one property at a time.

Our Vision

Montgomery County’s communities are comprised entirely of thriving neighborhoods with sustainable real estate markets that enhance residents’ quality of life.

To Achieve Our Mission

We promote equity allocating resources according to need, feasibility, and community benefit.


If you’re in local government, you can resolve distressed-property issues with financial support, technical assistance and leverage from the Land Bank.


Discover great values when you acquire or buy foreclosure homes and tax-delinquent properties to rehab and occupy or sell.



Interested in doing contract work for the Montgomery County Land Bank?


Find and complete the application packet for the Land Bank program you’re interested in.


The Montgomery County Land Bank, in coordination with the City of West Carrollton and B&B Wrecking (experts in water tower demo’s – from Cleveland), took part in the demolition of the water tower on November 15th. The demolition was scheduled for the West Carrollton water tower prior to the crash that occurred last week. This was part of the 2021 Ohio Department of Development funding for demolition with matching funds from the Montgomery County Land Bank and the City of West Carrollton. We had a couple of Land Bank employees on site to view the demolition.

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Montgomery County Land Bank Videos

Montgomery County Land Bank Videos


  1. Review tax-delinquent properties
  2. Identify a property you’re interested in
  3. Contact the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office to verify property eligibility in their Depositor Foreclosure Program. 937-225-4010, option 2 OR

Latest News

Land Bank Transitions to New Leadership

Land Bank Transitions to New Leadership

Montgomery County Land Bank Board of Directors chair, County Commissioner Carolyn Rice, recently announced the appointment of Operations Manager Paul Bradley to lead the Land Bank as executive director. Bradley replaces Mike Grauwelman, the Land Bank’s first executive...

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Land Bank Champion Honored

Land Bank Champion Honored

Congratulations to Land Bank Board of Directors chair, Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice, named the recipient of the 2024 Ohio Land Bank Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Supported by officials locally and statewide, Rice’s nomination cited her...

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DIY Program Renovator Rewarded for Persistence

Richard Tryon was immediately intrigued by the “for sale” sign in front the 130-year-old home in Old North Dayton. When he learned it was being offered by the Land Bank, the previous participant in the Land Bank’s Do-It-Yourself Program allowed his interest escalate into action. Richard was eager to showcase the home’s unique, older character, including its original wood floors, trim and hardware. A handyman by trade, he was confident he could fix any structural problems. And the purchase price of $5,000 was attractive. As with any renovation, Richard encountered unforeseen challenges, including a collapsed sewer line out to the curb. But his obvious commitment and ongoing work made it easy for Land Bank DIY Program Manager Susan Considine to adjust deadlines so he could see the project through to completion. Richard finished the renovation, and the Land Bank transferred ownership to him in March 2020 – just in time for the covid 19 pandemic to all but freeze real estate sales. He used the time to continue making enhancements. But Richard’s persistence and $45,000 investment paid off in the end. After recently listing the home at $98,900, he was beyond happy when it sold at that price in under two days. “I can’t say enough good things about working with the Land Bank,” said Richard, who’s considering purchasing another DIY home. “I’ve never seen people so willing to work like they do to help you make your project a success.”

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Realized Goals

"When we first started working with the Land Bank, Harrison Township was facing serious decline in some of our neighborhoods. The Land Bank is helping us change that. The grant funds we're getting through them will pay for nearly 60 nuisance properties to be demolished. Fort McKinley is turning around."

- Jack Kuntz, Development Director, Harrison Township


Maximized Potential

"I had my eye on a property for some time. It wasn't in great shape -- kids had kicked in the doors and 16 windows -- but I saw the potential. When I researched it, I found out the Land Bank owned it, and it was on their demolition list. I met with Sue at the Land Bank, and she laid out how we could work together. She said I would need to rehab it to make it 100 percent safe and 100 percent livable before she could give me the deed. It was a little intimidating as I was doing the work and investing in new floors, windows and massive amounts of yard work without owning it. But Sue eased my mind. I ended up with a very nice house. The County is collecting the taxes. No one is dumping trash, and the Township doesn't have to pay someone to come and mow. It's a win-win-win all the way around."

- Russ, Harrison Township

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A Wealth of Knowledge

When I bought my house 20 years ago, I signed off without doing a survey – and it came back to bite me... But then I went to the Land Bank... They were professional and competent through the whole process. They kept me informed. In the end, I was able to get my refinancing. They saved me a ton of money.

- Glenn, Dayton

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Worth the Investment

Four or five years ago, I got interested in a property adjacent to another one I own. The property was abandoned and vacant, and no one was paying the taxes on it... Working with the people at the Land Bank was like working with family. They’re professional, and they’re doing a great service cleaning up neighborhoods. Now I have good tenants in both properties. In the end, I made a 100 percent return on my investment.

- Ben, Harrison Township

While the Montgomery County Land Bank staff continues to provide full time customer service to our customers,

IN PERSON MEETINGS with members of the Land Bank staff REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT.